Inspection & Surverying

Our job starts from the production line or warehouse till loading on board the ship tracking every details through the process to make sure that our clients can receive the right material as booked. 

We counsel on stowage, lashing and securing, suggest carefully picked subcontractors in these fields, follow ship's evolutions and warn (beforehand) for possible or likely problem in particular parts and places, as we know all too well how many pitfalls lurk along the route. 

We organize both our operations and surveyors to establish a link between our clients and the spot, simultaneously update the procedure, and prevent our principals away from any loss on cargo , time , money in a professionally manner. We also coordinate with the relationships between the contract parties in need. 

Our surveyors are available for 24 consecutive hours survey work and provide first Class service with:

1. Daily Report and Photos present the spot at clients'desk 

2. Immediate Reactions on specific accidents / troubles 

3. Good coordination with all the concerning parties 

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