Polytetra Fluoroethylene (PTFE)


Product Description 

PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene material is a polymer polymerized from tetrafluoroethylene monomer

Excellent corrosion resistance and high/low temperature resistance

Outstanding flame retardancy; insulation properties

Excellent mechanical properties including anti-aging properties

It has a series of unique properties such as self-lubricating and non-sticking.

Easy to process

Non-toxic: It is physiologically inert; it has excellent electrical properties and is an ideal Class C insulation material.

Main Applications

Molding parts, Seals, valve seats, gaskets,

Insulation for wire and cable; Engineering plastic, made into PTFE tube, rod, tape, plate, film, etc. 

Electronic and electrical, chemical energy, corrosion-resistant materials

Teflon high-performance special coatings

Components requiring a high performance fluoroplastic material.

Packaging, Transportation and Storage

1. Packed with sealed PVC bag, load in water contentproof paper barrel. The net weight is (20±0.1)kg per barrel.

2. Not classified as hazardous for transport. During transportation and storage, avoid heavy shaking, and prevent from solarization. It is better to load in refrigerator during transportation.

3. It should stock in clean, cool and dry warehouse, prevent from agglomeration and contamination.

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