Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene - FEP


Product Features 

Copolymer of TFE and HFP

Melt Processable

 Good thermal stability 

 Superior electrical insulation

 low coefficient of friction

 Ease of processing (wire & cable extrusion)

Main Applications

The low melting index resin: heat shrinkable tubes; pumps; valves; piping; lining, wire insulation layer.

The medium and high melting resin:  aviation and aerospace industry, the MTR transport vehicles; automatic switching equipment; flame alarm systems; high-rise buildings; fire regional wires; cables; computers/communication networks; high-speed extrusion;


The processing temperature should not exceed 420℃, to prevent toxic gas from releasing. 

Packaging, Transportation and Storage

1.Packed in plastic bag/carton box of 25kgs net each.

2.Stored in clean, cool and dry places, avoid contamination from foreign substance such as dust and moisture.

3. Nontoxic, noninflammable, inexplosive, no corrosion, the product is transported according to non-dangerous product.

For more information, please contact: dept2@powerbasepek.com