Grapefruit Juice


Product Description

Grapefruit juice refers to the liquid extracted from the grapefruit for human consumption. It is considered a healthy addition to most balanced diets as long as the juice is consumed in moderation. Grapefruit possesses many beneficial properties including high levels of vitamin C and the ability to lower cholesterol and remove toxins. The juice is also thought to aid the body in cancer prevention.

The grapefruit is a member of the citrus fruit family. Its taste ranges from sweet and tart to bitter and acidic, as does the taste of its juice. These fruits are classified according to the color of their pulp, and the most popular colors are white, pink, and red. Juice is made by grinding or squeezing the pulp.




Typical Index



Good.(19-20 points) Typical of Rio Red Grapefruit



Good.Typical of sound, mature grapefruit with no off notes or caramelized flavors.

Brix(corrected for acidity)


62.5 – 66.5

Titratable Acidity


4.4– 7.0

Brix/Acid Ratio


9.5 – 14.0

pH Value


4.0 max

Free and Suspended Pulp


6 - 10

Recoverable Oil



Color(Hunter CR Value)


70 - 90

Main Applications

Mainly used in fruit juice, fruit flavor sugars, jam and other fields

Packaging, Transportation and Storage

1.  Packed in steel drums with two blue tinted polyethylene liners with 260kgs net each.

2.  Drummed product should be kept in the original packaging and stored at <-18ºC

3.  Shelf life: 36 months

4.  Place of Origin: South Africa or USA

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