Product Features

A kind of polysaccharide, and its composition includes two types of homopolysaccharide and heteropolysaccharide.

They mostly exist in the cell wall and inner layer of plants, and they are mostly found in citrus, lemon, grapefruit and other peels.

White to yellow powder, relative molecular weight is about 20000 ~ 400,000, and tasteless.

t is more stable in acidic solution than in alkaline solution, and is usually divided into high ester pectin and low ester pectin

Main Applications 

Application in the food industry. It mainly plays the role of gelling, thickening, improving texture, emulsifying and stabilizing, such as candy, jam, drink, dairy, baked foods, etc.: 

Application in health products and medicines, is a valuable water-soluble dietary fiber, lowering blood lipids, lowering cholesterol, resisting radiation, adsorbing heavy metal ions, intestinal laxative and anticancer.  

Packaging, Transportation and Storage

1.Packed in plastic bag of 25kgs net each.

2.Stored in clean, cool and dry places, avoid contamination from foreign substance such as dust and moisture.

3.Nontoxic, noninflammable, inexplosive, no corrosion, the product is transported according to non-dangerous product.

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